Grand Danube Cruise - 14-NIGHT CRUISE

Day 1 :
Board the ship in Vilshofen for your Grand Danube Cruise. In the evening, be treated to a festive Oktoberfest celebration – an AmaWaterways exclusive. (D)
Day 2 :
Enjoy a free morning to walk around the quaint village of Vilshofen. Later, cruise to Passau, where you have the option of exploring it one of three ways. Take a walking tour and marvel at Gothic and Italian Baroque architecture and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Or choose between a guided bike tour along the Inn River or a guided hike up to the Veste Oberhaus fortress. (B,L,D)
Day 3 :
The ship arrives in Linz where you’ll have several choices of excursions. Opt for a full-day excursion to Salzburg where you’ll tour the historic center, Mirabell Gardens, Residenz Square and the Old Market. En route to Salzburg, stop at Mondsee, home of the Basilica St. Michael. Or join a morning walking tour through the old city center of Linz and by the Mozart House; or go on a bike tour of the city’s famed “Cultural Mile” and the Danube. During the afternoon, visit charming Český Krumlov, located just over the Czech-Austrian border. (B,L,D)
Day 4 :
Head up to the Sun Deck for panoramic views as you unwind with a scenic cruise through the Strudengau and UNESCO-designated Wachau valleys. After reaching Weissenkirchen, you’ll be treated to several choices of excursions. Take a walking tour of Dürnstein before visiting the UNESCO-designated Melk Abbey. Or hike the trail up to the ruins of Durnstein Fortress, where Richard the Lionheart was once held captive, and where you’ll find spectacular views of the valley, river and village below. You can also choose to cycle through the Wachau Valley on a guided bike tour. For a more culinary-focused experience, sample special apricot treats from a local boutique. In the evening, enjoy a wine tasting hosted by a local vintner. (B,L,D)
Day 5 :
The “City of Waltzes” is a treasure trove and your city tour showcases its regal splendors, including the majestic Opera House and the former Imperial Palace of the Habsburgs. Conclude your tour in the UNESCO-designated historic city center and visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral. For a more active exploration, take a guided bike ride through Vienna. During the afternoon, enjoy leisure time exploring this iconic city even more. (B,L,D)
Day 6 :
Host to the crowning ceremonies of 11 Hungarian kings and queens between 1536 and 1830, Bratislava certainly has earned the title “Coronation City of Kings,” as you’ll discover during your walking tour. Or join a special “Tastes of Slovakia” tour. For a more active adventure, hike up to Bratislava Castle, offering magnificent views of the city. (B,L,D)
Day 7 :
You cannot help but fall in love with Budapest, known as the “Queen of the Danube.” Your city tour begins with a visit to the Great Market Hall. The remainder of this tour takes you to both the Buda (hilly) and the Pest (flat) sides of the river. Alternatively, hike up to Castle Hill for breathtaking views of the city. (B,L,D)
Day 8 :
Tradition will be on full display in Puszta, the Great Hungarian Plain. Tour a genuine Hungarian csárda (farm) run by world-champion carriage-drivers. Afterwards, be treated to an unforgettable performance of horsemanship and then experience the Hungarians’ warm hospitality, along with a traditional lunch complete with authentic goulash. (B,L,D)
Day 9 :
Enjoy a scenic morning cruise to Mohács and then visit Pécs, founded more than 2,000 years ago by the Romans. Visit the UNESCO-designated Christian Necropolis; St. Peter’s Basilica, the city’s main Catholic cathedral along with its catacombs; and Széchenyi Square, the heart of Old Town Pécs. You will also see the Mosque of Pasha Qasim the Victorious, one of the symbols of the city. Or choose a guided bike tour through Mohács. For wine connoisseurs, you’ll want to go instead to the Szekszárd wine region, one of the oldest red-wine-growing areas in Hungary, established more than 2,000 years ago. (B,L,D)
Day 10 :
Vukovar is a Croatian symbol of resistance, which you’ll better understand on your city tour showcasing the Ovčara Memorial and Eltz Castle. Alternatively, choose a wine tasting in Ilok, a center of wine production since Roman times, where you’ll sample its famous Grasevina, Traminac and Frankovka wines. Back on board, cruise to Novi Sad, sometimes called the “Serbian Athens.” Discover Novi Sad on a walking tour to Dunavski Park and through Stari Grad, the Old Town center. If you prefer a more active exploration, join a guided biking tour or hike through Fruska Gora National Park. During the evening, visit Petrovaradin Fortress. (B,L,D)
Day 11 :
Explore Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, on a city tour that includes the Kalemegdan Fortress and the Serbian Orthodox Temple of St. Sava. Later, choose from three intriguing excursions. Visit the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Serbian Royal Family; and then tour the House of Flowers, the mausoleum of Marshal Tito, who became the first President of Yugoslavia. Or enjoy a taste of the region by sampling Serbian plum brandy, Šlivovitz, and delicious local delights at the Quburich Distillery. For those wishing a more active adventure, join a guided bike tour or hike to well-preserved Belgrade Fortress with its conical towers. (B,L,D)
Day 12 :
Visit Golubac Fortress – one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Europe – before cruising through the Iron Gates. The Iron Gates is one of Europe’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. The Danube narrows as it winds through a series of magnificent gorges between the Carpathian and Balkan mountains. (B,L,D)
Day 13 :
Explore Vidin, one of Bulgaria’s oldest cities, and surrounding areas with a choice of excursions. Discover Baba Vida Fortress, the largest preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria. Continue on to Belogradchik, one of Bulgaria’s natural wonders, where you can hike around its most spectacular rock formations. Alternatively, visit a local home for a demonstration of traditional Bulgarian yogurt and Banitsa, a pastry you will also get to make. You also have the choice to bike through Vidin and to the castle. (B,L,D)
Day 14 :
Visit Bulgaria’s ancient capital, Veliko Tarnovo, with its medieval fortress and multiple orthodox temples. You can opt instead to go to Rousse, known for its 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture, and then afterwards visit the UNESCO-designated Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo with frescos revealing exceptional artistry of 14th-century paintings. Later in the day, travel through the Romanian countryside to the capital of Bucharest, known as the “Little Paris of the East.” Enjoy a panoramic tour of the historic city center and its elegant architecture, followed by a visit to the Palace of the Parliament, the second largest administrative building in the world. (B,L,D)
Day 15 :
Disembark the ship and bid farewell to Giurgiu as you prepare for your flight home. (B)
(B - breakfast, L - lunch, D - dinner)


March 26 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaMagna $6,698
March 27 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $6,198
April 3 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $6,398
April 9 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaMagna $7,198
April 10 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $6,598
April 17 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $6,798
April 23 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaMagna $7,698
April 24 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,098
May 1 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,398
May 7 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaMagna $8,198
May 8 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,598
May 15 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,698
May 22 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,698
May 29 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,698
June 4 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaMagna $8,298
June 5 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,698
June 12 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,698
June 18 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaMagna $8,298
June 19 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,698
June 26 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,698
July 10 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,698
July 17 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,698
July 24 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,698
July 31 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,698
August 7 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,698
August 14 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,798
August 28 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $8,198
September 4 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $8,298
September 11 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $8,298
September 18 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $8,298
October 2 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $8,198
October 9 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,898
October 16 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,598
October 23 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,398
October 30 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,198
November 6 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $6,898
November 13 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $6,598
November 20 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $6,598
December 11 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $6,898
March 24 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaMagna $6,998
March 25 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $6,398
April 1 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $6,598
April 7 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaMagna $7,498
April 8 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $6,798
April 15 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $6,998
April 21 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaMagna $7,998
April 22 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,198
April 29 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,398
May 5 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaMagna $8,398
May 13 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,798
May 20 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,898
May 27 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,898
June 3 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,898
June 10 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,898
June 16 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaMagna $8,698
June 17 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,898
June 24 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,898
June 30 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaMagna $8,698
July 1 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,898
July 8 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,898
July 15 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,898
July 22 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,898
July 29 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,898
August 5 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,898
August 12 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $7,898
August 19 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $8,098
August 26 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $8,398
September 2 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $8,498
September 9 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $8,498
September 16 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $8,498
September 23 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $8,498
September 30 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $8,498
October 7 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaVerde $8,398
October 14 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $8,098
October 21 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $7,798
October 28 Giurgiu Vilshofen AmaBella $7,598
November 11 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,098
November 18 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaVerde $6,998
December 9 Vilshofen Giurgiu AmaBella $7,298

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